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About us

Hello and As-salamu alaykum to the website of Hanwell Community Church, originally formed in 1989. We are located in New Brunswick, Canada.  Though we are primarily an English-speaking community, our city (Fredericton) has rapidly become multi-cultural with people coming from all over the world, with a variety of languages and faiths.

In this connection, we decided to invest ourselves with this Arabic website so that we can be exposed to some Arabic (which is good for us) and also that Arab readers can be introduced to the teachings of Jesus (Isa al Masih pbuh).  In our troubled days his teachings about forgiveness (here), mercy to enemies (here), and healing (here) is a model that can benefit people all over the world, even as it has benefited us here in New Brunswick.

Our Online Services

These articles are about Isa al Masih (PBUH) and Injil and we offer them online for free so you can read them at your convenience.  You may want to start at the beginning in Taurat with Adam (link here). We also have free online services that your can register with.  Currently we offer:

We wish you every Blessing.